Organization and Staff

Archeocamuni's logo, inspired by Valcamonica rock artArcheocamuni was created in 1989 by Mr. Alberto Galbiati as a no-profit society and then turned into a business company in 1992. It is located in Capo di Ponte (BS), via Naquane.

In its logo, three human beings under a looming sun, taken from a Valcamonica rock engraving dating back to the Copper Age, remind the main field in which Archeocamuni operates: prehistoric archaeology and rock art. The open book under the men stands for Culture and its circulation.

A view on the Concarena mountain near Capo di Ponte, ValcamonicaIts primary goal is the organization and management of services (guided tours, learning labs on prehistory and rock art) for the schools and the visitors from all over the world coming to appreciate the millenary Valcamonica rock art, purposely the Naquane National Rock Art Park in Capo di Ponte and the other parks in the same area.

Rock art: a chamois on rock n. 35 of Naquane National Rock Art Park, Capo di Ponte, ValcamonicaAmong the several operators working in the field of Valcamonica rock art (that in 2009 saw the celebration of the 100th year since the discovery in 1909), Archeocamuni stands out for its focus on the schools, the organization of custom rock art trips and the special care for foreign visitors.


Capo di Ponte (Valcamonica): one of our larning labs on archaeology and rock artArcheocamuni has its own facilities where several kind of activities takes place. They are located just outside the Naquane National Rock Art Park. For more information please contact us.

Archeocamuni manages the 'Libreria del Parco' (the park's bookshop) located just at the entrance of the Naquane National Rock Art Park, where visitors can find several kind of souvenirs, guide books, brochures and specialized volumes on Valcamonica rock art.

The bookshop is surrounded by small areas where it is possible to enjoy a relaxing break under the shadow of ancient chestnut trees.


Since the beginning Archeocamuni has thought of its job as educational: teaching how to appreciate Beauty, History, Sensibility and Respect.

The operators are chosen for their skills, trained and kept updated every year through theoretical classes (rock art, archaeology, environment, education to the natural and historical heritage) and on the field practice.

Archeocamuni's staff during 2009-2010

Archeocamuniì's staff

From left to right: Sara, Sabrina, Milena (behind Sabrina), Silvia, Pamela, Margaret, Luisa, Sergio, Vincenza, Gianni (behind Vincenza), Mina, Laura, Valeria (behind Laura), Ingrid (close-up), Ginetta (behind Ingrid), Antonella.